What is BODYROK all about?

BODYROK offers high intensity, low impact workouts that will tone, sculpt and redefine your body and mind in just 40-50 minutes. Bring on the heart pumping music, high energy instructors, beautiful studios, and your muscles will be pushed to the limit.

Get ready to plank, lunge, squeeze, sweat, pike, push and twist your body past its comfort zone to total muscle failure. Our SCULPT PILATES class incorporates resistance of weighted springs that will force constant core and muscle engagement for a full body workout leaving you energized and sore for days.
Cardio junkies, get ready to jump, tap back, sweat and climb your way to exhaustion in this fast paced, high intensity cycling experience choreographed to sick beats, jams and everything in between.

YOGA (Select Locations)
Turn up the heat and the music to tone and lengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, balance, and strength in this heated class that will warm your heart, mind, and body by combining rhythmic movement, postures with breath. Savasana never felt so good. 


Getting started at Bodyrok is easy! Whether you are taking a Sculpt, Cycle, or Yoga class, you can start to ROK with these simple steps!
  • Sign up online to create an account here .
  • Check out our schedule & ROKstar instructors to find a class that best fits your needs.
  • Reserve a class at the studio & time that works best for you.
  • Go to class and ROK Your Heart Out!
  • When you arrive for your first class, let the front desk know it's your first time and we'll be happy to show you around and get you started. 

  • Give yourself enough time to check-in and sign our new member waiver at the front desk.
  • Lockers with turn-keys are available, instructions to lock are inside the locker and are easy to use.
  • Be sure to let the instructor know you are new to the studio or their class- they will walk you through the BODYROK Reformer or bike set-up.
  • Drink-up! We have water fountains to refill your bottle, or we have water available for purchase at the front desk.

  • SCULPT: We recommend wearing fitted athletic pants or shorts, t-shirt or tank top, and grip socks. We have grip socks available for purchase at the front desk.
  • CYCLE: All of our bikes are SPD compatible, we suggest wearing cycle shoes with SPD clips for an enhanced, safer ride. Of course you may wear tennis shoes as well. We sell cycle shoes and clips at all of our locations, our instructors or front desk can help you find the perfect pair, just ask! We offer rental cycle shoes at the Mission location too!
  • YOGA: It may get haute in there! A light t-shirt or tank top and fitted pants or shorts are perfect for our yoga classes. 
  • We carry branded athletic wear available for purchase.

Be On Time
Please do your best to be on time!  If a 'drop-in' member is waiting to take the class and there is a no-show, the spot will be given up to them when the class starts!!

Considerate Crashing
Please wait on the benches until the instructor has asked you to join the class. 

Rok The Love
Respect the sanctity of the studio- everyone is here to have a ROKstar experience.
If you want to do your own thing, please avoid the center machines, bikes, or mats up front!

Chit Chat
Talking during class can be a distraction to those around you… this also includes texting or taking phone calls while in class.
Please leave your phones in your locker for safekeeping!

Wait list & Cancellation Policy

Add your name to the waitlist, if a class appears full, there is still a good chance you will get in!  Members cancel. So add yourself to our waitlist and you will be notified by email up to 12 hours prior to class to confirm you have cleared. You may consult your schedule on mindbody to see your rank on the waitlist.

Cancellations must be made online 12 hours prior to the start of class, this gives other members a chance to fill your spot!
Otherwise, you’ll incur a Late Cancel charge of $12. If you decide not to show up at all a $15 absent fee will be charged to your card.

What is BodyRok all about?

We believe that cross training is key, so we have found workouts that compliment each other perfectly and put them all under one roof. Our 40-minute Sculpt classes provide lengthening resistance training while our Cycle classes provide 40 minutes of stamina building cardio. Want the best of both? Try our Sculpt & Cycle class- a 50-minute combo class that starts in the spin room and ends on the reformer. All of our workouts are form-focused, ensuring you get the most out of every exercise. Our top-notch instructors are certified and qualified to guide you into proper form & alignment, which will lead to faster & far superior results.

Is Sculpt the same as traditional reformer Pilates?

BodyRok takes a traditional reformer workout and turns it up a notch by adding strength training exercises and high-energy music to keep the heart rate up the entire 40-minute class. Our method includes a greater variety of exercises, longer segments and quicker transitions, resulting in a more intense, sweat fueled, fast-paced Pilates workout.

How many times a week should I come to see results?

3-4 times a week is ideal to see and feel results quickly and then maintain those results over time. However, we have clients who come every day! We recommend taking both Sculpt & Cycle to get the best results. 

What should I wear? 

We recommend wearing fitted workout clothing, so instructors can see your form and alignment. Loose clothing can also get caught up in the reformer, as well as dangling jewelry, so we do not recommend wearing any to class. For Sculpt classes we recommend wearing grip socks or going barefoot. We sell grip socks at the studio. Clip in Spin Shoes are recommended for Cycle classes and are also available for purchase at the studio. We have a few bikes that accommodate sneakers but be sure to get to class early to reserve one of these bikes.    

Do you rent spin shoes?

We do not rent spin shoes however, cycling shoes are available for purchase at our studios.

What kind of clips do I need for Spin?

Our bikes accommodate SPD and Look clips.

What kind of bikes do you have at the studio?

Our spin rooms are equipped with state of the art indoor bikes for spin shoes as well as cages for regular footwear.

Do you sell water?

We sell bottled water & water bottles that you can refill with our filtered water.

Do you have lockers at the studio?

Yes. We have lockers with locks. However, we recommend that you do not bring anything valuable to the studio as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods.

Do you have showers?

We do not have showers, but we do have a changing room stocked with products to help you freshen up after class, such as Shower Pills, deodorant and the like.

Do you have a beginner’s class?

Every class can be tailored to both beginners and advanced students. The instructor gives suggestions for every level of fitness and experience. However, we suggest starting with a full Sculpt class and then a full Cycle class before taking the combo Sculpt/Cycle class if you are new. When you arrive in class, let the instructor know that it's your first class so he or she can guide you through the process. It's a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first class to check in.

Can I take class if I am pregnant or just had a baby?

First, ask your doctor. But we can tell you that we've had lots of new moms come in as well as moms-to-be! Make sure your doctor knows what a BodyRok workout entails (resistance training on a reformer) and find out what you're cleared to do.

Can you share a package with a family member?

No. Packages are non-transferable and cannot be shared.

Can you take more than one class a day on an unlimited membership?

Our unlimited membership includes one class per day. If members would like to take a second class in a day there is a $15 add-on class charge.

What is the waitlist?

A lot of our classes sell out. But if the class you want is sold out, you can get on our wait list. As people cancel, we pick from our wait list in order. If you get a spot more than 12 hours before the scheduled start time of the class, we will notify you by email. If a spot doesn't open 12 hours before class, you still have a chance of getting in. Just show up at least 5 minutes before class starts. Hopefully you'll get in if someone does not show up!

What are my chances of getting off of the wait list?

Pretty good, actually! A lot of people book their classes weeks out in advance so there will be a lot of cancellations a day before the actual class when they receive a reminder email. It also depends on the class how far back you are on the waitlist as well. You may consult your schedule on mindbody to see your rank on the waitlist. Nevertheless, if you have a little time to kill you might want to come in and chance it.

What is your cancellation policy?

A class must be changed or canceled prior to 12 hours before the scheduled class time to avoid the late cancel fee of $12. If you do not show up for class there is a $15 no show fee. You must be physically present at the start of class or your spot will be given away to waitlisted clients. This long-standing policy helps to ensure that we can accommodate all of our clients who would like to get their workout on.

Can I move my reservation?

If you are outside the 12-hour no-cancellation window, you can always move to another class. If you need to move your appointment but there is less than 12 hours until your scheduled class, that would be considered a cancellation and the above cancellation policy would apply.

Do you allow walk-ins?

Yes, as long as there is room in the class for you!

Do you have an app?

We sure do. Look for us in the app store under BODYROK STUDIOS !

How do I create an account?

Simply navigate to one of our studios' pages. There you will see their respective schedules. You can create an account by clicking on "My Account" on the schedule or by clicking on "Sign Up" on the class of your choice and you will be walked through to create your account. Create a login using your email and add a credit card to your online profile and you will be ready to purchase a package! Always feel free to email us at if you need assistance or have questions about packages!

Do you offer discounts?

We don’t offer discounts but we run some pretty sweet specials every month! Look for them in our newsletters and on social media. 

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Personal Belongings
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Member Services & Policies


Class Packages - As stated in the membership agreement, YOU MUST CANCEL CLASS 12 HOURS IN ADVANCE OR YOU WILL BE DEDUCTED THAT CLASS. This includes switching time slots under the 12-hour notice time period. You may cancel class prior to the 12-hour notice time period through our online system.

Contracts or Unlimited PACKAGES - Members who purchase ANY membership, contract or Unlimited packages (such as, but not limited to 8 Times Per Month, Recurring Unlimited Packages, Prepaid Unlimited Packages, or future promotional programs or membership packages) are subjected to a penalty charge. A $15 No-Show fee will be charged if you do not show up for your class. A $12 Late Cancel Fee will be charged for a cancellation less than 12-hours prior to the start of class. No EXCEPTIONS.

BodyRok reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders, at its sole discretion.

  • All classes, and membership packages are non-transferable and non-refundable. No exceptions. 
  • Be on time. 
  • Keep the Chit Chat to a minimum. 
  • Crashers – Please wait on the bench until the instructor has asked you to join the class. 
  • No shoes are permitted on the BodyRok Reformers. Grip socks are suggested but not required. 
  • Towels are provided, but please leave them before you Rok out the front door. 
  • Please cancel class using your online profile. Please do not rely on email or calling the studio. 
  • Reserved classes must be changed or canceled prior to 12 hours before its scheduled time or depending on your package (i) it will be forfeited or (ii) you will be charged a No-Show or Late Cancel Fee. 
  • Students may not vary from instructed exercises. 
  • All injuries must be reported to your instructor before each class. 
  • If it’s your 1st class you should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to complete our waiver and get. If you are not physically present at the start of your scheduled class, your spot may be released. 
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You should be aware that classes and series expire, and future prices are subject to change. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Cash payments may only be made in a BodyRok studio. You can reserve classes online up to 30 days in advance (schedule is released on the 1st of every prior month). 

Your credit/debit card will be charged for your order when you submit your reservation or in connection to your specific Membership Contract (Examples: Recurring Unlimited, Rolling 10-Pack or 8 Times/Month). BodyRok will not process reservation charges that use an incorrect, expired, or over-the-limit credit card. We will make our best efforts to contact you if this occurs. If you fail to pay any fees or charges when due, services or privileges may be suspended or terminated. You shall be responsible and liable for any fees, including attorneys' fees and collection costs, that BodyRok may incur in its efforts to collect any unpaid balances from you. If you have a dispute or question, please email your selected studio. 

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